Vocal coach – Gordana Crnkovic

Free breathing and the power of the individual

Finding and feeling your own breath in your voice is much more meaningful than the simple physiological breath function does hint at. Feeling your own breath paves the way to sense and sensuality. To your nature and authenticity. Free breathing is the door behind which the individual's whole strength concentrates and gets perceptible. And it is this strength that affects the human behaviour and communication profoundly.

It is this correlation that I focus on in my work as a vocal coach and breathing therapist. In synergy with free breathing, the speaking voice is what becomes the basic self-experience and the audible expression for others.

„Breathing - the essential experience of your own life."

Gordana Crnkovic


When we leave all stressors of our daily routine behind, we can experience how powerful and liberating the movement of our breath can be. We get more self-confident and begin to feel how open and powerful we actually are. We begin to expand. Once constrained , we now are able to release unexpected amounts of energy. Our body becomes more flexible and we are more connected with ourselves. This way we - as individuals - become more authentic and can give our voice a personal touch.


Personal development

Especially in a highly rational work environment, the awareness of your own strength - physical or mental strength - can reveal various new possiblities that you yourself have. You can thus achieve a more intense sense of perception and empathy. Based on tangible breathing, important goals of staff development can be accomplished with my assistance as a vocal coach: authenticity and clarity in the expression of body and voice. These are the thechniques that help people grow and get more self-confident.


Performance enhancement and reorientation with the help of a vocal coach

The fundamental safety people experience with this kind of development does not only enhance their performance but also initiates reorientation and more permeability in the social structure of a company. As a result, free breathing ultimately spurs the company's innovative strength and adaptablility to new challenges of the markets.