Instrumental and vocal pedagogy

Advanced training in breath- and bodywork

Finding ways to breathe freely and to let your diaphragm move freely is of great importance to vocal and instrumental lessons as every musical expression should correlate with an inner emotion that is felt in our bodies: The degree of how much the muscles in our body are permeable for our breathing movement defines how intense our individual instrumental expression will be - not only in terms of sound but also in terms of flexibility and resonance!

To develop an awareness of this connection, to express it musically and witness it physically is the aim of my respiratory and body pedagogical work in the world of music and music pedagogy. The body integrative approach of "Free Breath - Clear Sound" liberates the singer and instrumentalist in search of sound and expression with his insturment when professionalizing.

freier Atem - freier Ton

The patented body and music pedagogical approach of "Free Breath - Clear Sound" paves the way for the development of muscular permeability and body-awareness. Being aware of their breathing, singers, instrumentalists, actors and speakers can experience how strongly the breathing movement and the expression of sound of voice or instrument depend on each other. That is how a natural awareness develops that can be used in music and instrumental education.

The human and his body

A flexible breath control and breath-support are essential to instrumental and vocal pedagogics. Those who know how to be supported by your air flow and how to rely on it, experience how sustainable your breath energy can be. This personal strenght inspired by a musical breath is the basis for resonance and sound. Breath, body expression and stage presence gain high quality and an almost tangible materiality that contains the very essence of being. And because this is all based on naturalness, a freely moving breath also suports the ability to concentrate, one's self-consciousness and the ability to be ready for performances.

Instrumental and vocal pedagogy: Content and aim of the training

It is the content and the aim of the music pedagogical training to help you experience a freely moving breath and to develop a sound that's vibrating freely - both in cooperation and interaction.

In doing so, different aspects intertwine:

  • Knowing how to let your diaphragm move freely, you can develop a bigger physical flexibility, a more resilient breath-support and a deeper and more emotional sound and expression.
  • Your stage presence will be more alive when it's supported by smooth breathing and playing movements.
  • Physical and mental balance is achieved by dynamic interaction.
  • Freedom, confidence and devotion correlate while trying to find an individual musical expression.

You are interested in the body integrative and breath-based approach "Free Breath - Clear Sound" for working with singers, instrumentalists and actors? Feel free to contact me. Please use the following contact form.