Experiencing your breath, voice and instrument

Finding freedom in expression

We all know and feel: there's nothing more essential for us than our own breathing. Our own breath plays a very important part for us humans. Especially for those people who depend on being in contact and having a good relation with themselves and their own breathing due to their professions.

For only those musicians - be it singers or instrumentalists, only those speakers or actors who actively learn how it feels when their breath is moving freely, can find freedom in expression. With increasing understanding they also will learn how to trust their breath and body more and more.

Free Breath - Clear Sound

My work "Free Breath - Clear Sound" is based on the correlation of awareness and trust. Working with breath and body is a very complex matter. This is why we have to deal with it in a respectful and sensitive way, especially in the fields of stage and music pedagogy. I protected my work "Free Breath - Clear Sound" by patent to be able to offer advanced professional trainings under the subject of bodywork and music pedagogy. I'm adressing music pedagogists, body therapists, performing arts health practitioners as well as physical therapists, speech therapists and medical staff,

Supporting the cooperation of fields

To make my work known and to support the cooperation of different fields, I am networking with colleagues working in music, music pedagogy and performing arts medicine. I'm teaching workshops and I'm giving speeches on demand - I also give lectures about human breathing and about its effects on our working life and our daily routine. I offer audition preparation and advanced professional trainings in the fields of respiratory and body pedagogy, I organize project days and support the lessons of the chosen major instrument at:

  • universities of music
    (all divisions of singing and instrumental pedagogy and methodology)
  • conservatories
  • vocational schools
  • universities
  • hospitals

I offer individualized training programs or group sessions with or without their chosen instruments. This will be agreed upon beforehand.

For a more inspired musicality

Being a musician and body therapist I long for less business and more inspired musicality and authenticity in our present-day world of music. If I can make a contribution to a more inspired and truthful sound, I consider myself successful. I wish to support instrumentalists and singers to find their own true selves and to find inspiration in music and freedom in bodily expression through breathing and body awareness.