breathing coach Gordana Crnkovic
body therapist, music therapist

Patent-registered: Free Breath - Clear Sound

Looking back it seems to me as if the purpose of my whole carreer has always been to lead me to developing - and living myself - my patent-registered work Free Breath - Clear Sound:

  • I studied voice at the University of Music in Freiburg, inGermany, under Professor Beata Heuer-Christen.

  • As a minor subject, I studied flute under Ruth Wentorf.
  • After having finished my vocal studies, I started a training programme for becoming a breathing coach at the Institut für ganzheitliche Entwicklung (Insitute for Holisitc Development) under Barbara Karst.
  • In cooperation with Margreet Honig, breathing freely became the key in my search for a clear sound.
  • The clear sound that is experienced while singing inspired me to keep working on my breath-based body approach - that is not only helpful for singers but in particular also for instrumentalists.

Imparting the basics on how to use their bodies to music therapists for their work with their instruments and working with musicians in practice are matters close to my heart.

Freelance breathing coach for more than 20 years

After over 20 years of being a freelance breathing coach as well as a breathing and music therapist, I'm committing myself to the training of young musicians at music colleges and master classes as well as in the field of performing arts health. I'm happy to give private lessons concerning breathing and bodywork in cooperation with musician colleagues of all fields. I work as a lecturer at the Universities of Music in Freiburg and Würzburg and at the University of Music in Rostock (Germany) in the master course Music Pedagogy.

Book tip: Free Breath - Clear Sound

My book Free Breath - Clear Sound offers worthwhile food for thought and holistic answers to all those who are interested in the correlation of breath and body awareness while playing an instrument. Bodywork is becoming more and more important for instrumental and singing lessons and in the training at music colleges. No matter if you are a singer or instrumentalist, a full-time musician or music therapist, a layman or professional - I want you to see my book as an invitation to approach music and music pedagogy in a respiratory and body oriented way.

Unser Buch, der freie ton

Gemeinsam mit Margreet Honig habe ich die Beziehungen zwischen Atem, Stimme und Körperbewusstsein in dem Buch Der freie Ton herausgearbeitet. Dieses Buch ist ein sehr persönliches Statement und zugleich ein besonders fundiertes Fachbuch, das sich besonders der Welt des professionellen Solo-Gesangs widmet. Die erfolgreiche Gesangpädagogin Margreet Honig berichtet von ihren Erfahrungen aus der langjährigen Arbeit mit Sängerinnen und Sängern.

Übersetzung: Le son libéré

Margreet Honig / Gordana Crnkovic

Le son libéré -

Etretien avec Margreet Honig sur la respiration et la voix

Christine Ralph (Mezzo-Sopran) Paris / Claudine Chastagnol (Mezzo-Sopran) Paris

True singing -

A conversation with Margreet Honig about breathing and singing

This book True singing is a very personal, and at the same time, technical book

about the relationship between breathing, body-awareness and the voice

in the world of professional singing.

Insides and ideas not only for singers and singing teachers, but also

for anyone who is interested in the sining vioce, teaching, music and human being.