Body work ...

... for performing arts health practitioners, body therapists and therapists.

Breathwork - working with one's own breath - i.e. working on expanding one's own energy - can specifically support patients and clients that are treated by performing arts health practitioners, body therapists and therapists. I'm happy to support your clients in finding and understanding their inner selves with my patent-registered bodywork.

Body energy and mental balance

Through breath based bodywork you can experience intensely how powerful your body energy develops and unfolds within the movement of your own breath. It is quite fascinating how the movement of your breath, your physical flexibility and elasticity cooperate and interact. It has an impact on your mental balance. Learning to control diaphragmatic breathing with this technique supports balance and health on all levels physical and mental. My approach can support performers and can contribute to their health.

Body work and self-responsibility

Being aware of your own condition, you're able to realize how resilient you are. Enhancing responsibility for your health and getting in contact with your instrument becomes easier as well. Learn how agreeable self-responsibility can be.

You are ...

  • pedagogues,
  • music therapist,
  • physical therapist,
  • occupational therapist,
  • speech therapist,
  • medical practitioner,
  •  psychologist?

You are interested in working with your own breath? You wish to discover how to breathe freely? I'm happy to receive your requests! Please use the following form if you wish to contact me.