For the stage

your inner strength

On stage one is completely on their own. While facing the audience, it comes down to finding one's own expression and to both moving and exciting the listeners and viewers with one's own artistic expression.

Intense contact with body and voice

In order to master this artistic challenge and to experience it yourself, it takes a lot of verve - not only vocally but also physically; you need to be aware of your physical expression as a whole. Presence, agility, strenght, charisma and freedom are all essential and require a performer who is in contact with his body and his voice in the moment.

The flexibility of breath support

On stage your desire is to be authentic in front of the audience. The more truthful this meeting with yourself is, the more radiant your presence and expression will be. In order not to develop a tense inner or outer posture, you have to make sure that your breath support is flexible. It is your support system. It is not supposed to constrain or impede you.

That is why we focus on a free diaphragmatic movement while breathing in and out when doing breathwork. This way we can make sure that the breath support is flexible and your inner breathing movement powerfully supple so that any individual and freed expression can cut its way.

This requires a sense of inner freedom that is supported and sustained by our diaphragm when moving freely while breathing in and out. You want to learn more about free diaphragmatic respiration and its effect on the development of a more flexible breath support? I'm happy to receive your requests! You can contact me by using the contact form.