Free Breath, Clear Sound

Breathing deeply in search of freedom in sound and expression

Our daily routine with all its demands is a real challenge. You may ask: How can I master it and at the same time free myself from everything? Facing alleged constraints and learning how to overcome them requires a lot of strenght and discipline. But how often do we submit ourselves to constraints or try to find a solution only intellectually? The dominance of our intellect and the increasing body alienation of our achievement-oriented society are reflected in one of our basic vital functions: in our breath. There is a discernable breathing pattern to every pattern of life, i.e. to our personal strategy of how to live: Our breathing movement has been severely restricted while growing and developing, mostly due to extensive mental and physical tensions that are now part of our personality.

Experiencing free breathing

In my work, we are taking the road to free breathing by recognizing and experiencing what it is that confines and prevents it from unfolding withing us. Finally understanding how to breathe freely is a fundamental experience - and at the same time the beginning of searching for the clear sound which is developing from that experience. This search exceeds the simple idea of just "breathing deeply", because free breathing and clear sound exclude any physical or mental tension while in quest for sound and expression, at least according to my breathwork and musical education. This is how we can breathe naturally in stead of desperately trying to free our breath.

Integral concept

Breathing freely and sounding clear are fundamental for experiencing yourself. This way it is possible to express yourself and your music powerfully and individually. The sound you produce transports your body expression and makes it audible - no matter if you are singing or playing an instrument. Being transparent and natural in body posture and movement makes possible a personal contact to the audience as your body expression is clearly visible. Your inner energy and your emotions are naturally transported while breathing freely and sounding clear. There is no more need for any arbitrary effort. Free Breath, Clear Sound is an integral way that is embracing the wish to breathe deeply, yet reaching far beyond it.

From "breathing deeply" to free breathing and a freely vibrating sound

Free Breath - Clear Sound describes a physically internal yet mentally intimate encounter with one's own nature and vital capacity, with one's stamina and concentration and gives meaning to one's every action. Encountering one's own free breath and clear sound and expression at the same time. As a result, one becomes audible and visible to oneself as well as to the outer world.

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